All assignments to be turned in are due on Canvas no later than 5 PM on the last day of the period noted.

For blog postsĀ except the first week, the post should be in by the third day of the period (basically, Wednesday) so that people can discuss as they read. For What is DH?, let’s have posts online no later than 1/21.

Date Topic Assignment Blog posts
1/11-1/17 What is DH? Read Debates in the Digital Hum., Intro and Part I Sara Hummel, Kristen Johnson, Aaron Lewis, David Staub
1/19-1/24 Skill: HTML and CSS HTML/CSS
1/25-1/31 Theoretical questions Debates in DH, part 2 Kristen Johnson, David Staub
2/1-2/7 Skill: Coding with Python Basic coding
2/8-2/14 DH project evaluation Evaluation assignment Cassie Bentley, Aaron Lewis, Liz Scoville
2/15-2/21 Old questions, new methods Read Jockers, Macroanalysis Katie Beverly, Shanna Gilkeson, Sara Hummel, Darlene Johnston
2/22-2/28 Text Analysis and topic modeling Text analysis and topic modeling assignment
2/29-3/6 DH Limits and Problems Debates in DH, Part 3 Shanna Gilkeson, Emily Kincaid, Tonya Koenig, Liz Scoville
3/7-3/13 Spring break
3/14-3/20 Mapping Mapping assignment
3/21-3/27 DH Praxis Debates in DH, part 4 Darlene Johnston, Emily Kincaid, Sara Myser
3/28-4/3 Social Networks Social networks assignment
4/4-4/10 DH Start-Up grant work
4/11-4/17 DH’s Future Debates in DH, part 6 Cassie Bentley, Tonya Koenig, Sara Myser
4/18-4/24 CMS evaluation CMS evaluation assignment Katie Beverly
4/25-5/1 DH Start-Up grant work
5/6/14 Digital Start-up Proposal Due