The War of 1812

Sorry for the late post, however I am completely lost on this project. I have no idea on what to do or where to start. This is by far the hardest thing I have had to do yet in my graduate career. Coming up with your own project is great idea, and I love it. But to find something that hasn’t been done is really hard to do. So this is what I have.

My plan for my project is similar to another classmates. I am focusing on the War of 1812 and local history such as Fort Meigs and Put in Bay. I will be creating a digital map where tourists can click on the destination they want to visit and see information about that battle field or monument from the war. I know that the Civil War has trail maps and tourists can follow these maps to different sites in the area. Tourists simply pick up a brochure and the map is provided with driving directions. This is similar for the War of 1812, but all digital so that tourists can access this on their phone, tablet, or computer. As a history teacher who loves to travel, we need more historical tools, that we can use in the palm of our hand or at our fingertips. This meets the requirement of examining history, and impacting society with digital culture with their access to interactive, digital maps.

This is all I have so far…

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  1. Sarah, something that I might make this project even better might be a comparison/contrast tool to other similar battles from the war? I’m not super familiar with this particular battle or war, but could there be interactive tidbits added that show differences and similarities with others? Or maybe even built-in assessment tools and lesson plans to help other teachers?

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