Welcome, students and visitors.

Here’s a mind-map of my concept of what we’re doing for the semester, visualized.


This course provides introduction to the issues and methods of asking and answering humanities questions in the age of computers. In addition to considering vital questions in the practice of using computerized methods in the humanities (for research, understanding, and dissemination), and to apply humanities questions to digital artifacts, we will learn some basic digital humanities (DH) skills, play with various digital humanities tools, and work on a digital humanities project.

Rather than being an endpoint, this course is designed to provide a basis for further learning, exploration, and participation in DH as well as to encourage you to incorporate DH methodologies into your own further research. Because of this, while students will be evaluated according to BGSU’s standard grading system, the emphasis will be on providing a platform for further growth rather than the final grade as an endpoint to learning.