Take hope, all ye who enter

This is the second time I’ve taught this course, and the first time entirely online.

Some opening thoughts:

  1. This class will be different from a lot of courses that you’ve taken, in that it will involve less reading and more doing.
  2. This class will be more collaborative than most of the courses you’ve taken. That’s by design, as some would argue that collaboration is a necessary part of DH’s DNA (although not always in practice).
  3. Don’t be intimidated. We’re all encountering something new, and we’re encountering it together.
  4. Have fun. Each of the skills that we’re working on is meant to be a jumping-off-point for you to learn more by doing, by experimenting, by┬ámaking things and even breaking things.
  5. Explore. See those links? Those come from exploring. Whenever you have a question, there’s an internet of projects, answers, tips, tricks, provocations, and conversations just a few clicks away.

I’m looking forward to exploring DH with you this semester.