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  • I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s posts. I know I didn’t reply much – the workflow of my week was always such that homework for this class was always on the weekend, and by the time I […]

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling with budget. I thought about Googling the going rate for things and trying to figure it out that way. That’s pretty much how I figured out the budget for a low-budget horror film I worked on a couple of summers ago. There’s probably a better way and I’d definitely like to hear it! But for now, I’m starting…[Read more]

  • Emily, this sounds really interesting! I suppose I was a bad English major, as I’ve read so little canon literature. What I like to read and write was more than likely considered “junk,” and it seems that attitude is only recently being challenged in a meaningful way. That said, an “Anti-Canon” is very appealing to me!

    As for how the actual…[Read more]

  • I’m pretty sure my idea will be the roughest out of everyone’s. The first week “off” we had from assignments in order to work on the proposal, I kept spinning my wheels and hitting walls. I had a hard time coming […]

  • Tonya, this is such a fantastic idea! When I taught first-year writing, I was always looking for ways to integrate social media and other technologies into my assignments and lessons. Something like this would have been a great resource. One question that occurred to me as I was reading, and maybe it’s not appropriate for this stage of development…[Read more]

  • Great post! I particularly related to the film analogy, myself, having majored in electronic media and film studies as an undergrad. Having spent way too many hours in an editing bay with digital bins upon bins of movie clips, the database comparison makes perfect sense. I have also been on the other end of the process in which I served as…[Read more]

  • Hi, everyone.

    I have to say, the CMS evaluation has been one of my favorite assignments so far. The platform I chose was Mukurtu, which is geared toward archival and cultural preservation work. I found it very […]

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    The common thread through all the essays in Part III of Debates in Digital Humanities goes beyond the question of who is or isn’t in the dh, and it asks questions about who should be included but isn’t. After the […]

    • I guess I never really thought something like DH could be racist. I don’t think that it necessarily is. It all comes down to the user, or operator just like most things. I will use myself for example. I am not by any means technology illiterate. However, I am completely lost with the coding exercises. Just like everything without the proper training, for the task the operator will struggle. With the emergence now of DH I think that many more people will go into the field and better the digital world. However, it is clear that DH is not for everyone. As I mentioned in previous posts, I think that the more things that can become digitalized the better, especially historical documents.

      • Sarah, I also had a hard time of thinking of DH as “racist.” Like Shanna mentioned, I think the McPherson merely wanted to metaphorize the racial makeup of Digital Humanists, but it definitely made me stop and think. Unlike other forms of literature, which can be greatly impacted by the race and racial experiences of the author, can computer code really be impacted by the culture of the author? I suppose in terms of content, but it’s hard to understand how it would be in craft, whereas craft has easily identifiable cultural attributes.

    • Shanna,
      I’m curious how you felt about the twitter article based on your research interest. How did you feel about the way the author used and presented the twitter feed? Is this the way you would present your studies?

  • Shanna Gilkeson wrote a new post 8 years ago

    I confess that when I read Part 1 of Macroanalysis, I was a little thrown by the idea of distant reading/macroanalysis versus close reading/microanalysis for literature. I haven’t taken a literature class since m […]

  • Great post, Tonya!

    For me, the “high level code” explanation was counter-intuitive to what I thought it meant. I used to think complicated, FBI/CIA kind of stuff was attached to “high level.” But the explanation made sense to me once I read it.

    I agree with what you said about the benefits of more people having a peek “behind the curtain” of…[Read more]

  • David,

    This really helped to articulate and clarify the first round of readings. I liked what you said here:

    “Like most things in humanities, Digital Humanities functions better as a combination of practices rather than a defined methodology. With these combined practices we have the ability to observe multiple ideals and are not limited…[Read more]

  • Kristen,

    Just getting caught up here. In your first paragraph you say that your question “was simple compared to the questions posed by Stephen Ramsay and Geoffrey Rockwell and the questions being asked to DH scholars.” I taught first-year writing for two years, and I’ve always looked for ways to integrate technology into my students’…[Read more]

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