Welcome, and how to start

Howdy, fellow digital humanities folks, to ACS6820/HIST6800, Spring, 2016 at BGSU.

I’m excited about our course this semester.  This is the second time I’ve taught this course (here’s the first iteration), and the first time fully online.  In some ways, a lot has happened since then—digital humanities (we’ll call it “DH” for short from now on) is a fast-moving field, technology changes, tools get modified or sometimes disappear—but in other ways, we’re asking many of the same questions.

Important things to do, if you haven’t done them already:

  1. Register on this website. You can do so by clicking on the appropriate link in the menu on the left.
  2. Read the syllabus. If you need more information, let me know.
  3. Go to Canvas, and take the preference surveys for posting on our blog.
  4. Create a Zotero account, and email me (at my bgsu.edu account) to let me know what it is, so I can add you to our Zotero library.  That’s where all our readings (with the exception of Macroanalysis) will be posted.

By the way, I opened the post calling us “digital humanities folks.”  The phrase in vogue these days is DHers, so we’ll use that in the future.  That is, unless anyone has a better idea (note that “digital humanists and digital humanitarians both could have very different connotation than “people who do digital humanities”).

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